Paper Studio

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For the  IKT Congress Northern Ireland/Republic of Ireland 2014 curators visit in April, PRIME created a publication with a number of artists who are not part of an established, city centre studio groups and may therefore not have had as much visibility or receive a visit from the IKT curators during the short time that they were in Belfast.

The publication contains information and images by a number of artists, as well as their contact details and web links.

It is called Paper Studio and functions as such, allowing curators to take this information with them and discover more about artists working in Belfast, and hopefully it will result in future opportunities for the artists involved.

Paper Studio is supported by the British Council, and is a quality publication that has an impact beyond the IKT visit, as it has been made available to other visiting curators . All the participating artists have also distributed it internationally independently in order to ensure that it will be a far reaching platform for all involved.

Paper Studio studio includes work by:

Charlotte Bosanquet
Christopher J Campbell
Alice Clarke
Mitch Conlon
Keith Connolly
Victoria J Dean
Catherine Devlin
John Duncan
Ian Griffin
Seamus Harahan
Fergus Jordan
Alissa Kleist
Julie Lovett
Stephen Madden
Tonya McMullan
Tim Millen
Brendan O’Neill
Robin Price
Duncan Ross