Culture Night 2011


Pre-FIX, part of the FIX live art biennial 2011.

Pre-FIX PRIME utilized the two phone boxes on Bridge Street, Belfast. For a three hour period the members of PRIME collective called the phone boxes until passersby answered.

Using scripts and improvisation, listeners followed a series of instructions encouraging them to relax or energize.








Extract from the Energise script:

Good evening and welcome to Primetime, a Prime Collective project for Prefix, Culture Night 2011.

You have the choice of two activity programmes: Unwind and Energise.Please select which activity you would like to participate in:

Unwind (Script A)

Energise (Script B)

Energise (Script B)

This is a 10-minute activity giving you the chance to get a small work out. Perhaps you work in an environment where you are stationary for a lot of the day. Or maybe you would just like to move around a little and get some energy for the rest of the night.

I will provide you with instructions over the next ten minutes. Please do not hesitate to ask me to repeat anything.

All of the exercises are easy and involve stretching and loosening of the muscles as a way of warming up, with a little bit more movement towards the end.

Try to hold each stretch for a minimum of 20 seconds

Breathe comfortably, with deep breaths through your nose, and out via your mouth

– So here is the first stretch. This is called the Soleus.

– Stand with both feet flat on the floor, pointing forward, half a stride apart, with the left foot behind and right in front.

-Keep your back straight, with your hand not holding the receiver on your hip

-Exhale and lower yourself down, resting your bodyweight on the rear left foot.

– Hold this pose for 20 seconds. Don’t forget to take deep breaths.

Now count out loud to 20 (…)