PS2, Donegall Street, 23rd July – 18 August 2012

The exhibition Converge brought together, supported and acted as a platform for an array of creative outputs, from art making and facilitating to collaborative practice, public art, workshops, talks and screenings.

PRIME collective curated/organised/facilitated a varied programme of events for the four week duration of the show. See the exhibition programme below:

Converge Press Release ( 06 August)

Over the four-week course of Converge, PRIME collective used the gallery at PS2, 18 Donegall Street, to curate/organise/facilitate a varied programme of events, exploring collaboration, curating and participatory practices in a transparent and engaged way.

PRIME’s involvement with PS2 began in September 2011 when the collective, as ‘curators in residence’, commenced an archival investigation in the PS2 storeroom; documenting the layers of objects and remnants of past shows while turning the space into an office (see Storeroom/Showroom)

For Converge, the collective linked the storeroom in the back to the gallery at the front of the building by cutting a doorway in the wall, and thereby merged the two spaces.

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PRIME’s continuing desire to investigate the past and current status of the building that houses the PS2 storeroom and gallery resulted in a series of interviews with the residents of 18 Donegall Street, exhibited in the gallery on monitors during Converge. The interviews were first shown on 23 July 2012 at a dinner party the collective held for the building’s residents in the gallery.

PRIME is interested in using different mediums and approaches to both art making and curating.  The collective views the act of preparing and sharing a meal – while simultaneously listening to the residents’ stories – as an integral part of their artistic process. By documenting the conversations with the residents as interviews, PRIME created a visual record and consider this as a method to artistically archive a space and its inhabitants.

After Converge concluded, PRIME continued this line of questioning with an archival intervention in an East Belfast building during the East Belfast Festival in September

(click here for more info on PRIME’s East Belfast Festival project)


PRIME is not only interested in examining internal spaces, but also in the way the city’s inhabitants negotiate their environment.For Converge the collective led an urban fishing trip to the Gasworks (off the Ormeau Road) to open up a discussion focusing on municipal planning and the use of public space in Belfast city.  A second urban fishing trip took place on Sunday the 12th of August as part of PS2 ‘Sundays in the City’, funded by Belfast City Council.

The Triangulation Taster workshop (at PS2 and in various city locations on the 15th of August), led by Tonya McMullan and Acitore Artezione, encouraged participants to use their locality as inspiration for the creation of new work.

In a bid to explore the local creative community during their residency PRIME has hosted a number of peer reviews over the last few months (click here for more information on the peer reviews), inviting local practitioners to present old, new and works in progress to a small audience of critics, curators and artists.

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During Converge PRIME welcomed Ciara Hickey’s proposal to help facilitate a series of talks curated and organised by her. For the talks, entitled Tell Me What You Know, held on the 31st of July, Hickey invited experts in their field to present and share research on their chosen topic, subject and/or passion with an audience.

Colin Darke gave an overview of Bertolt Brecht’s practice and discussed Courbet’s painting ‘The Bathers’ from a Brechtian perspective, and Ricki O’Rawe provided an introduction to Spanish Mexican surrealist painter and anarchist Remidios Varo.

From the 14th until the 19th of August PS2 featured Converge Zone, a collection of shelves with items selected by local creative practitioners giving an intriguing insight into what influences and inspires the artistic community in Belfast.

PRIME’s projects aim to be mutually inclusive and actively seek to involve and invite collaboration between different people. The collective sees itself as an experimental, socially engaged group with a keen interest in the local (artistic) community and collaborative practices, and chose to utilise Converge as a platform to showcase this.