PRIME collective January 2011 to June 2016
This website is an archive of some of PRIME’s projects for enquires contact thebathhousebelfast@gmail.com

Founded by Belfast based artists/curators Charlotte Bosanquet, Alissa Kleist and Tonya McMullan.

The collective provided a mutually supportive context in which members of the group could develop new projects and partnerships, and placed an emphasis on creating opportunities that allow PRIME to benefit from networking and learning amongst the group as well as with other creative professionals.

The collective had a flexible work ethic that encouraged a process-based approach and actively seeked collaborations with other artists, collectives and organisations. These collaborations took the form of peer reviews with guest artists/curators, residencies, seminars, talks and critiques.

PRIME collective’s members successfully worked together on a various projects. They were curators-in-residence at PS2 Gallery in Belfast in 2011/12, where they archived the gallery storeroom, created a curatorial ‘hub’, held exhibitions, talks, workshops and peer reviews, and organized a series of events that questioned the nature of prearranged structures.

They ‘artistically archived’ an abandoned doctor’s surgery on the Newtownards Road in East Belfast, and in October 2012 initiated a project/residency/exhibition space from the Templemore Avenue Swimming Bath’s former caretaker’s house on 4 Glenmore Street, baptised ‘The Bath House’. PRIME.

PRIME retired in 2016. The Bath House continues to be used as a project space.