Peer Review at the Bath House

PRIME Peer Review in the living room

PRIME Peer Review in the living room

We are very pleased to invite you to the first PRIME Peer Review at our new residence,  The Bath House, on Saturday the 27th April at 1pm. The artists presenting are Jacqueline Holt and Dave Loder.

The Peer Reviews are max 1 1/2  hours long in total so that it doesn’t become a big undertaking for artists or audience,  presentations and discussions are kept casual and are facilitated by PRIME. The collective aims to provide a welcoming and supportive place for artists to talk about their work and creates a support network for artists.  In order to offer really involved support we limit the numbers in the group, if you would like to take part please RSVP before the 24th April.

The address is:   4 Glenmore Street, BT5 4HE, the house is directly behind Templemore swimming Baths


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