Peer Review Friday 12 October

PRIME collective will host another peer review on Friday 12 October at 6pm. The review will feature presentations by artists Iain Griffin and Emma Campbell at PS2 alongside an invited guest audience.

Iain Griffin

Iain Griffin is a first class honours graduate of the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. His practice attempts to select situations and deconstruct their inner processes. These processes are then alternatively represented. This has taken multiple forms including hiring an Asian man to attend a protest on his behalf, hiring a tribute band to tribute another tribute band, renting out his Art College tutor, selling his best friend on the internet and creating a play entirely out of YouTube comments.

Emma Campbell

Emma was born and raised in Belfast and moved to Wales to study Documentary Photography Course at Newport, after which she relocated to London to explore the photographic industry for over a decade. Recently relocated home, Emma gained a Masters of Fine Art in Photography from the University of Ulster under Paul Seawright, Donovan Wylie and Kaylynn Deveney, her study continues at U.U, with a PhD researching the documentary photography practice of women in the UK.  When not covered in books she is found covered in magazines at the offices of Source Photographic Review.

Emma deals with gendered themes in her personal work and is interested in artists that deal with similar questions peculiar to a feminist perspective. Previously she has explored the portrayal of female adolescence, the diary as an exploration of family identity, the masquerade of gender in photography as well as social and political issues that directly affect women.



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