A Creative Method

PRIME collective’s A Creative Method, part of the East Belfast Festival, on show in the Hollywood Arches library from September 3rd until September 30th, 2012


Tonya McMullan
 When Bryson Street Surgery closed down and moved to new
premises the curtains from the examination rooms were left behind.
Tonya has collected this material and made tote bags for users
of the library to carry their books in. There is a range of patterns
from woodland scenes to beige geometric designs on the material;
when re-appropriated into bags they adopt a different meaning in
the new context of the Library.
Alissa Kleist

Photography captures and archives the past in a way that no other medium can, in the way that it can present some form of truth or reality while simultaneously being subject to construction and manipulation. This image not only documents a building that is on the verge of demolition but also pictures an imaginary alternative reality. Built by one of Bryson Street Surgery’s patients, this schooner sails amongst an illusive archipelago in a space that will soon solely exist as a memory and in a single photograph.

Charlotte Bosanquet

Charlotte is a patient at Bryson Road Surgery and had used the old building when it was still in use. She asked her Doctor to come to the surgery and ring a hand bell for one minute. Ringing the hand bell in the empty surgery and listening to the sound gives some idea of the space, the sounds bouncing off empty walls and through empty cupboards, around the bleach marks of painting on walls. The bell and the sounds are in the exhibition.


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