Tell Me What You Know – Talks organized by Ciara Hickey during Converge, Tuesday 31 July

Tuesday 31st July: Tell Me What You Know

 As part of PRIME collective’s residency at PS2, this series of short talks, Tell Me What You Know, curated by Ciara Hickey, introduced a range of topics representing the interests, passions and knowledge of a selected group of individuals.  For this series Ciara has invited people to talk about something they have expertise in or are passionate about.  Tell Me What You Know aims to create an informal environment for learning directly from each other. This is the first event in what is to hopefully become a regular series.

2pm: Colin Darke gives an overview of Bertolt Brecht’s thought and practice and discusses Courbet’s painting ‘The Bathers’ 1853 from a Brechtian perspective.

6pm: Ricki O’Rawe provides an introduction to Spanish Mexican surrealist painter and anarchist Remidios Varo.


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