Peer reviews

During the PRIME Colllective residency in PS2 we will host a series of peer critiques.  The first took place on 25th January 2012 when Dorothy Hunter and Heln Tubridy presented their work.   Ursula Burke, Ciara Hickey, Fiona Larkin, Barak Reiser and of course the PRIME Collective listened to the presentations and afterwards discussed and gave feedback on the work.  Our next peer critique will take place on the 4th April.

Dorothy Hunter is a Belfast-based artist and a recent graduate of University College Falmouth. Her work currently examines how the politics of space and social memory interact. Focusing primarily on sites of spatial regeneration, she seeks to explore their contemporary context and to mark the nature of their transition across space and time. Her work is cross-disciplinary, and often combines sculpture, photography, installation and film.

Helen Tubridy (b.1985 N.Ireland) works with sculpture, sound and drawing to create large scale installations which attempt to communicate with the viewer through a subtle and coded process. Helen graduated from Painting and Printmaking at the Glasgow School of Art in 2008 and is currently based in Belfast.

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