The Start…


This is what Peter Mutschler, at PS2,  wrote about the start of PRIME’s residency:


Storage space – a buzz word for all estate agents and home owners and an important topic in make over shows. The more the better, to tuck away what isn’t really needed right now but what might be of use some time in the future.
PS² has its storage space- and it is a mess: layers of used material- miniature ladders and swings for birds, bags of clay, signs for auditions, empty flower pots, school tables, embroidery frames- all relicts of past projects, layers of cultural sediment or plain rubbish.
And like the energetic and problem solving presenter in the shows, the PRIME collective have the solution:


In a team effort, Charlotte Bosanquet, Alissa Kleist and Tonya McMullan will be the archaeologists, archivists or plain cleaners and undertake a residency in the store room of PS².
For three months the back room will be archived and documented and will form the basis of a series of reactive works made by the artist collective. The storeroom will also act as PRIME’s studio and office space for a further three months, in which the group will make new works and negotiate aspects of collaboration. 
And as much as PS² likes to get some order, there are mixed feelings: who likes to expose the hidden mess.



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